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New Registrants:

  1. Before you begin.
    1. Read some of the tips located on the left sidebar menu.
    2. On the side menu bar, click on "Register / Login"
  2. On the Login Page.
    1. Click "Register Now" to set up your account.
  3. Terms & Conditions Page.
    1. Read, mark the check box and accept the waiver of liability.
  4. Create Login Details Page.
    1. Select the location where you work or take classes by clicking on the down arrow by the location field and scrolling down to select your campus.
    2. Enter your Salisbury University Email address ending in @salisbury.edu and a non-Salisbury University password.
    3. Indicate if you wish to have the ability to have your password emailed to you if you forget it
    4. Click "Create my Account".
  5. Create My Profile Page.
    1. Create your profile by entering the requested information (name, phone, etc.). These details will help you find a compatible rideshare partner.
    2. Click "Create My Profile".
  6. Create My Commuting Schedule Page.
    1. Create your commuting schedule by indicating your work or class start and end times each day. You can also indicate how flexible these times are.
    2. Click "Save My Commuting Schedule".
  7. Create My Addresses Page.
    1. Add your home or commute trip origin address and nearest major intersection.
    2. Your home/origin location is not revealed but the nearest intersection information is displayed to potential rideshare partners.
    3. Either type in your address or click on your home or origin location by clicking on a Map.
    4. Click ‘Save My Addresses".
  8. Confirm Your Email.
    1. An automatic email will be sent to you to confirm your account. Click on the link within the email to access your profile.
    2. Once your account is confirmed you are able to search for compatible ridesharing partners.
    3. Log back onto the system to begin looking for rideshare partners.
  9. My RideShare Page
    1. After you have logged back in (after you have confirmed your email), you will be at the "My RideShare Page". This will be the page which will always appear upon logging into Salisbury University GullRide.
    2. Click on "Find Ride Matches" and potential carpool members will be identified.
  10. Potential Commuters
    1. Choose the person(s) who best match your commute.
    2. Your identity is protected until YOU make contact with a potential match.
    3. Filter potential partners based upon your own criteria, hover over icons to get more information.
  11. Email Matching User
    1. Use the system to generate an email to your identified potential carpool match.
    2. Don’t be surprised if you register today and don’t find a match. The system is new and will take time to build the database.